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Demonic Resurrection: A Darkness Descends

By Vishal Gandhi | May 13, 2006

Demonic Resurrection: A Darkness Descends

Five years after releasing their debut album ‘Demonstealer’ and countless line-up changes later, Demonic Resurrection return with ‘A Darkness Descends’. But it’s not as if the band is returning from the wilderness — fronted by ‘The Demonstealer’ (who also has a death metal side-project called Reptilian Death with DR bassist Husain), Demonic Resurrection have been pioneers in the extreme metal scene in India, giving due importance to writing and playing original music. Besides juggling time between two bands, The Demonstealer also runs the Demonstealer Records label, in addition to organising the ‘Resurrection’ series of metal shows with Husain (Barcode Entertainment).

Still, five years is a long time between albums (just ask Tool fans), but it’s been time well spent by the band — they’ve been busy getting a settled line-up going and perfecting their sound in the studio (as well as live).

Their sophomore effort ‘A Darkness Descends’ begins with the obligatory spooky intro (“Prelude to Darkness”), which leads right into “Dreams of the Dead” — and we’re in for a bombast of heavy riffs and growls. “Apocalyptic Dawn” is probably the most well-structured song in the album, featuring Warren (ex-Zero) on lead guitar, singer Pervez Quadir doing the clean vocals, and drummer JP reminding listeners just why he is considered to be one of the best metal drummers in India. The only hitch is the barely audible female vocal by Kanika — but that’s thankfully corrected on “Behind the Mask of God”. Next up is a totally unexpected intro by Warren that would fit in a gypsy punk song by Mr. Bungle, but seems rather out of place in “Carnival of Depravity”. “Spirits of the Mystic Mountains” starts off sounding like a Tiamat song with its inspired keyboard melody.

“Where Shadows Lie” — with Pervez Quadir again doing the clean vocals over the death metal growls and JP pummeling the listener with his ‘double bass’ attack — comes into its own half-way through the song. “A Darkness Descends” is reminiscent of Iron Maiden in places, especially the hummable intro (‘Watch me ride into the night as the darkness descends on me’). “Invoking the Demons” is one of those songs that starts slowly, but is sure to get the mosh-pit going as it forges into a full scale metal assault.

DR’s hit single “Frozen Portrait” has been an absolute fan favourite and the version on the CD seems to be a slightly reworked version that hints of an Opeth influence — kicks major ass. “The Summoning”, which Mephisto calls his ‘baby’, has it all — demonic vocals, raging riffs, and some monstrous drumming. Mephisto is especially dazzling on the keys on “Summoning” and on “Overture to Glory”, which concludes the album with the customary instrumental. What sets him apart from most keyboard players in metal bands is that he complements the sound perfectly in the heavy as well as melodic parts, instead of just filling in for the “emotional” interludes.

‘A Darkness Descends’ benefits greatly from all the guests featured on the album — Warren Mendonsa and Prashant (Exhumation) with their guitar parts and Pervez Quadir, Nimit and Kanika in the vocal department. The production is indeed top-notch and full credit should go to the band for putting in their all to come up with such a well-polished and refined metal album. [Demonstealer Records; 2005]


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  1. March 3, 2007, 1:31 pm lee y yeps

    Hi u guys out there i ve been a big fan of yours and i m still on keep on the Goddanm sound.

  2. March 28, 2007, 2:49 am Anand

    Truly one of the best Metal releases from India. This CD can compete with any death/black metal release from the Scandinavian lands. DR should consider signing on to an independent foreign label (like Kryptos) and re-record this release, fixing some kinks. I’d like someone like Andy Sneap engineering their new cd, leaving Demonstealer to concentrate on his playing. Here’s looking forward to the next release. DR Rocks!!!!

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