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Undying Inc: Preface to Erase

By Vishal Gandhi | July 4, 2007

Undying Inc Split MagazineClocking in at about 26 minutes, ‘Preface to Erase’ isn’t quite a full length album, and with seven tracks neither does it constitute an EP. But minor technicalities aside, Undying Inc. from New Delhi waft their thick death metal, brimming with virulent aggression.

The molten effect of a bad-ass, crunchy guitar sound and potent vocals colliding, impale the listener, like a knife to the gut. Think Entombed circa ‘Left Hand Path’ and perhaps Meshuggah, although not as technical. The drumming is not as explosive as you would expect but the snare snaps tightly and is adequately backed by a booming kick drum on the heavy cadences. The songs don’t stray off into dizzying part changes or emotive croons, rather reveling in malevolence and bludgeoning with all-out metal fury.

There’s not a lot here to chew on, but the mini-album is quite solid from start to finish, and songs like “Shadow”, “Burn” and “New Release” have unhurried sing-along lyrics.

These are interesting times in the Indian metal scene, and Undying Inc. are part of a growing trend among bands that write uncompromising original music. With their peers like Narsil and Third Sovereign, amongst others, Undying Inc. are heralding a ‘New Wave of Indian Death Metal’.


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  1. December 16, 2008, 3:18 pm amit

    guys keep rocking….

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