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Lickpenny Loafer: Introducing Lickpenny Loafer

By Nithya Nair | October 30, 2007

Split Magazine: Lickpenny LoaferContrasting styles such as Miles Davis, The Smiths, D’Angelo, Radiohead, some bits of The Hip and Dave Matthews is what you get with Lickpenny Loafer. The Toronto-based indie rock outfit has taken their time with this release — one year to complete their first four-song EP — but it’s for all the right reasons, with the end result being music that connects with almost anyone and everyone.

Two different cultures come together, leading to a fruitful songwriting collaboration that yields a tremendous outpour of songs. Each song, be it “Bonded” with its beautiful rhythm and relatable lyrics, or “Climbing Trees” with riffs that are bound to linger in one’s mind, seem that they have been subject to tremendous time, energy and creativity.

Have you ever experienced music so germane that with one listen you know it was made for you, your music! “The Haunt” has these words of wisdom: “A dream that slips away leads to a life of slow decay‚Ä?. Amazingly written. A slight feeling of despondence is evoked in the process. On the other hand, “Sweetest Things in Life”, with its upbeat guitar playing, is one of the most melodic songs I’ve ever heard.

For me, the music sounds complete because of the layering of various sundry sounds. Interesting, personable music is what I would call it. A blues sensibility along with some serious rock and roll is what the uber musicians in Lickpenny Loafer are all about, and with the release of this EP it is obvious that the band’s journey is only going to get better with time.


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  1. November 2, 2007, 5:05 am Greg P

    I bought this EP at a show a few months ago and it has stayed in my musical rotation since. I completely echo your comments for “Sweetest Things in Life”, it’s the type of song that speaks to you so immediately that you feel you know the words before you have even heard them. This group is a gem waiting to be unearthed and I encourage all of you to let them shine into your life as well.

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