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Zero: Not My Kinda Girl

By Vasundhara Singh | November 19, 2007

Split Magazine: ZeroOften, guys find themselves in that tight spot, when they aren’t dating that Perfect Girl, and make an attempt to convey their feelings. In turn, they swallow those words up and choose not to ‘hurt’ them. “Not My Kinda Girl” is definitely a revolutionary anthem for wimps like those.

The song narrates a sincere and blunt confession by a guy to his ex-girlfriend, that he is cocksure about the downfall of this relationship. He really can’t stand her presence and doesn’t want to waste his time on salvaging something out of nothing. Basically he just doesn’t want her around.

Though the theme of the song isn’t really prosaic, what backs it up is its rather cool pop rock-ish beat. Smashing credits go out to Bobby Talwar and Sid Coutto for providing the dead-on grooviness to the song. Rajeev Talwar’s vocals portray the right amount of indifference, thus completing the demeanour of the song.

Overall, “Not My Kinda Girl” is definitely worth a listen, even though I’d rate it below Zero’s other masterpieces. After numbers like “Spitleaf”, “PSP 12″” and “Mariachi”, the band still has everyone raving for more of their mind-blasting music.


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  1. November 29, 2007, 1:14 am Vineet

    NMKOG pwns.

    Warren’s solo on the track is groovy and strangely soulful, and with Rajeev’s boy-next-door singing style, it makes for the quintessential break up song.

  2. December 30, 2007, 1:50 pm SP

    hey..can ne one tel me where to get the lyrics of not my kind of girl and also PSP 12”

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