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Thermal And A Quarter: Keep the Promise

By Shreya Sanghani | December 4, 2007

Split Magazine: Thermal And A Quarter“Keep the promise” has been a widely recognized slogan for HIV/AIDS awareness around the world, and Thermal And A Quarter’s representation of it is very commendable. Especially rendered in support of the Thomson Foundation, it is seen through the eyes of someone who is an HIV/AIDS survivor, and not a victim.

Lyrically, the song is a masterpiece. Lines such as “It’s only a twisted little ribbon / It’s not everything I am” and “I’m as much a masterpiece as you” portray an HIV/AIDS survivor as someone who is defined by much more than just the fact that HIV/AIDS has happened to him/her. There’s a certain strength that’s palpable through the lines, and yet a vulnerability that cannot be hidden in lines such as “Tell me that the words you said were true” and “I do know that I might find myself in you”.

The lyrics also signify an initial acceptance of a “new truth” that is “here to stay”, and explore options and possible reactions — “And I don’t know If I should lose myself / In the subtle meter of prayer / Or the grey smoke of the dreamer”. However, there’s a certain untamed joy in the lines where a new life is finally embraced fiercely — “Every touch, every taste / Every shade of light and sound / I cannot pause — I cannot waste”.

There are many layers to the song, as the lyrics later exhort the audience to keep the promise, and talk about the “power of one, the power of all”. Everyone should definitely pay attention to the lyrics because in this kind of song, more than any other, lyrics are the most important. You can read the lyrics and download the song here.

Performance wise, the band has done well to keep it light. It’s a treat to hear, it’s not angst-ridden or full of melodrama — that kind of rendition would have spoiled the song entirely.

Overall, the song is beautiful and the message it puts across is very vital. It is important to stop being apathetic to HIV/AIDS and realize that anyone, and absolutely anyone can get it. It’s also about time, that we showed some solidarity and respect towards HIV/AIDS survivors and educated ourselves about the issue. And for the individual who is an HIV/AIDS survivor, it’s the time to hold on to yourself and never lose hope.


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  1. December 4, 2007, 1:41 pm Shaapla

    The song is really nice. It’s good to see that bands are trying to spread the message too, just shows here and there hardly ever help. It’s a way, I think, to reach out to the population who are into this kind of music.

  2. December 4, 2007, 2:56 pm Karan

    Hey, nice review! I’m big on T.A.A.Q myself and all I can say you know your music! The song is great! Heavy lyrics too.
    Also, I might add, I do agree with you, Shreya, Music is an important medium through which we can spread the message among the people. Those Idiots at the UN goodwill department cant do anything. We all saw what happened when Linda Evangelista came to Mumbai. More than half of the people, who had gathered to see were just interested in seeing the ‘Face that launched a thousand products’ (three cheers to bombay times, who apparently dont give a damn about serious issues).

    Anyways, Keep up the good work. And hope to more of your write-ups soon!

    Rock on, dudette!


  3. December 5, 2007, 9:04 am taaq.in » Blog Archive » Split Magazine on Keep the Promise

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  4. December 22, 2007, 12:55 pm Arjun

    I liked the song the first time I heard it, and I find it the perfect song to play on my guitar whenever there’s a little get-together, since everyone’s AIDS-conscious now. I can really associate with the lyrics, and as the article said, it was done with the right amount of subtlety. I just hope they release the song as part of a TAAQ album..

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