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Pin Drop Violence: Compose… Oppose… Dispose…

By Azeem Banatwalla | February 15, 2008

Split Magazine: Pin Drop ViolencePin Drop Violence is a band that Indian metal fans are constantly talking about, so I decided to have a look at their debut album, ‘Compose… Oppose… Dispose…’ to see what the fuss was all about.

On the face of it, the album is solid, in that the music is pretty good, but the recording and overall production, if you will, leaves a lot to be desired. The first track, “Gutterment” starts off with a strange female mumbling something about 20 years (quite needless), before the song actually kicks in. The riffs are good, the drumming, unfortunately, is barely audible, and to say the vocals are incoherent is quite an understatement. Sure, the Sepultura influences are evident (what with ‘Refuse! Resist!’ being part of the lyrics), but someone ought to tell the vocalist that, metal or not, the listener would really appreciate it if he knew just what he was saying.

“Krapolitix” and “4″ baffle me, to be honest. It’s almost as though Pin Drop Violence were somehow forced to make the album exactly 41 minutes and three seconds long, and had to implement these pointless interludes that serve no purpose. They neither bridge the songs, nor have any meaning whatsoever, so the jury’s out on that one. “Absurd” has a simple, yet effective riff, strong vocals, and a great guitar solo, making it worth another listen.

All in all, a decent album for the average nu-metal fan, the only major drawback being its below par production values.

“Skinless Substitute” is a good song, with good riffs, decent vocals, and rather bizarre lyrics. “Full Body Burn” is a good song, but the listener is once again reminded that the vocalist can neither pull off clean vocals, nor should he even try. “Pulling Out Glass Over a Basin Of Blood”, which I’m sure sounds like a lot of fun, is well done, but at 1:34 is a wee bit short. “Cold Walls”, up to this point, is pretty much the best track on the album, where everything, for once, seems to fuse well, from the riffs, to the lyrics, the vocals and the drums.

“Tower of Silence” is perhaps worthy of being called an instrumental track, since it’s about a minute and a half long, has actual instruments being played, and doesn’t involve some sort of Haiku about foreplay, foreskin and forgiving (listen to “4″ to know what I’m talking about). “Stand Your Ground”, “I’m Gonna Fight Back” and “Perfect Defect” exhibit a bit of variety instead of the same old riff-and-growl technique, and are a step in the right direction. Finally, “Get ‘em Off” is a good song that could have been much better, if not for the weak clean vocals and poor recording quality.

So, to sum this up, the album isn’t bad, but it won’t quite make you jump with joy either. There’s not too much wrong with the music overall, but the clean vocals are quite discordant, and the recording could be much better. The drums need to be much louder, perhaps at the cost of reducing the vocals, and perhaps trying to make them a bit more coherent. I’m honestly not a fan of the whole nu-metal revolution, so I doubt I’ll be giving this album another listen anytime soon, but those of you who are might like this album, raw as it is — although you might want to wait until you listen to Pin Drop Violence’s next album ‘Right II Riot’ before you pass a final verdict.


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  1. March 19, 2008, 10:23 am ferdinand

    Really dont’ think these guys can tuck tgthr …aftr gettin along so wel…..there music is jus sucking these days
    with the lack of motivation……..n confidence….the band n its members are only getting worse day after day.
    Their up-coming third album is all shit n crap…….Vocalist pradeep can never be or do a Heitfield or a Steve Harris act….he feels he is Mustaine……..but the entire band is all crap these days……n behavin like kinder-garden kids…..learnin the art of music……PDV should rather be addressed as Piss Drunk Vocalist from now…..

  2. March 19, 2008, 10:25 am Nikhil

    Pradeep the Defected Vocalist…….(dats PDV 2008) !!!!!!!!!!

  3. April 21, 2008, 1:04 pm Darrell


    Dude for your information, PDV are a hardcore band, and they have nothing to do with 80s speed metal. They’re all about energy and pure rage, not mindless technicality. As for Pradeep’s vocals, it’s a style get used to it. If not, don’t listen to them, they’re probably too overwhelming for you. There’s a lot more music beyond Maiden, Megadeth, and Metallica.

  4. June 1, 2008, 8:52 pm Azeem

    I’m inclined to disagree with you Darrell.
    “Mindless technically” makes zero sense to me. Perhaps it goes better as “mindless energy and rage”, if you get what I mean.
    Really, this isn’t a forum to assert your superiority in the form of how many bands you listen to over and above the ‘mainstream’, shall we call it, Or your threshold of being “overwhelmed”, a rather subjective term.
    There’s a certain way to go OTT, and PDV certainly aren’t clued in on it just yet.
    They try to be like Sepultura and other supposed bands from the genre and fail…miserably.
    But that’s just my opinion, rephrased, as you’ve read it above in the review.
    PS: Speed metal? Iron Maiden is NWOBMH and Metallica is Thrash Metal, so where on earth do you see Speed Metal here?

  5. August 9, 2008, 2:21 pm SAM

    well, no one is forcing PDV on you. Your valuable comments wont deter the Pin Heads.
    Its as easy as this, if you dont like it than dont listen.
    Compose oppose dispose was their first album, hence a little raw. Check out the second one and pls dont write a review on it. Cos its needless

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