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Pin Drop Violence: Right II Riot

By Vishal Gandhi | March 23, 2008

Split Magazine: Pin Drop ViolencePin Drop Violence, a band that needs no introduction in the Indian metal scene, released their second album, ‘Right II Riot’, in July 2007 on Counter Culture Records. Helmed by ace producer Fali Damania, the album was mastered by Goran Finnberg. For the uninitiated, Finnberg has worked with the cream of Swedish metal outfits, some of which include In Flames, Opeth and Dark Tranquillity. Somehow, all the meticulous attention to production (quite muddled at that) doesn’t make it any easier to wash the album down and let the songs gulp into your system.

“No Regrets” kicks off this riotous album, powered by Pradeep’s smothering vocals. The riffs don’t worry much about finesse, brash as they are to give an uncensored peek into the band’s rage. Tracks like “Tough as Nails” and “H.A.T.E.” plough through with back-breaking ferocity. “Break These Damn Walls” could loosely fit into the realms of thrash metal but for the most part, the album regurgitates between metalcore and hardcore. This continues through most of the album, oddly punctuated with segues and melodic passages like “Action,” “Reaction” and the surprisingly peaceful “Level 2″. However, it doesn’t quite enhance the material it’s supposed to give depth to. The best tracks follow in the latter part of the album, like “In Dependence” that is biting with a fairly groovy backbeat and “I. M. Pure” – a song that you can’t help but head bang to. The nervy build-up, “Just”, closes the album with some “feel” and a throw-away jam. Maybe, that’s something the band should look to do a bit more of. Just for variety’s sake.

There is a certain meathead quality to Pin Drop Violence that comes across on their live performances and just as forcefully permeates through on record. ‘Right II Riot’ might flatten everything in its path, for it is intense and would ignite a riot or a killer mosh pit within seconds — and if that’s your scene, this album is just for you. But sometimes, weight and momentum aren’t quite enough.


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  1. May 13, 2008, 10:12 am Lateefx

    This looks so crazy! I wish I could download a track from somewhere to listen to their music…thanks for the review anyway!

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