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Colourblind: Colourblind

By Vishal Gandhi | April 17, 2008

ColourblindFor those who came in late, Colourblind — Ram Sampath on vocals, keyboards, programming, and Siddharth Achrekar on guitars — was arguably the best rock band from India of the last decade. The Indian rock music scene, until the turn of the millennium was drowned in classic rock and heavy metal. Colourblind, unlike their peers, had a contemporary sound with a heavy industrial rock bent. Another reason the band made such a lasting impression were the eye-catching videos for Blast and Colourblind.

The album launches with “Blast”, which like the song “Colourblind“, has a wicked riff that’s treated with layers of electronica, bubbling with tension and mystery. Sequenced in between, is the punchy “Bang A Drum”, with lyrics like ‘Find your voice / Make your choice / If nothing you make some noise’ that emanate a do-it-yourself attitude. Showing their versatility, “Falling From The Sky” is tempered with spacy verses while “Firebreath” is a muscular rocker.

The greatest testament to the band is that the album still sounds just as fresh and modern as it did back then.

“Legit Freak” engages in subtle differences in sonic tension and dynamics, featuring an amazing operatic vocal by Gayatri Iyer and then doing an about-turn on a weighty latter half, with lyrics like ‘I never learnt ’cause I never fell to earth…’ giving the song a sense of majesty. Ram’s lyrics paint vivid pictures of disconnected youth without coming off as clichéd, all the while bristling with sharp poetic intelligence.

“Hu Will I Be” features some seriously finger-popping-good bass lines by Karl Peters, proving just why he is the best in the business. The sorrowful ballads “Souls on Parade” and “Fragile” showcase Ram Sampath’s vocal maturity and all-around songwriting talent. Guitarist Siddharth Achrekar alternates vicious riffs with measured licks, accentuating the vibe created along with the keyboards.

Written entirely by Ram, the duo took about eight months to record the album, changing studios till they got what they wanted — and the diligence certainly paid off. The assured song writing backed by strong musical chops, overseen by top-notch production, made the album stand out from the heap. And the greatest testament to the band is that the album still sounds just as fresh and modern as it did back then.


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  1. June 16, 2008, 5:39 pm Shawn Sequeira

    How do you describe ‘genius’? Two ordinary guys coming out of the woodwork and making what truly is India’s first (and I dare say, only) complete international record. A record so good, its hard to pin down an inspiration, a peer act or a particular sound…..so often the deathknell of many an Indian band. I have done my bit of promoting their music in Australia and their fanbase comes up with only one question – where’s the new album hiding?

    There’s word of them reforming and striking another gong, but we’ll never know. But what we do know is Colourblind was, is and always will be India’s one and only true shining star. For the uninitiated, Siddharth Achrekar has been kind enough to put all the songs online for a free download. Share the joy!

  2. June 22, 2008, 7:43 am Jared Creado

    These guys seriously have some amazing tracks

  3. October 15, 2008, 10:05 am Natraj Jayaraman

    These guys were great back then (1997-98) and have aged spectacularly with time. Classic rock never dies!

  4. January 31, 2009, 7:25 am Amol

    Colour blind is without a doubt the best “Real” Rock band to come out of India.

    Their album Colour Blind came out in the late 90′s, I used to own a cassette of theirs, we used to listen to it over and over.

    They Rocked pretty hard with some good grunge music. I made so many people listen to them, and every single one of them loved it, even those who never listened to rock.

    I still listen to them sometimes, and it still sounds just as fresh.
    Too bad theres so few songs from them.

  5. May 26, 2009, 12:42 pm Sumeet

    I belive Colour Blind is as good as GnR or and any rock n roll band of the last decade. Its just that I believe the Indian crowd didnt have much appitiete for Rock n Rol during that time, the band couldnt reach the heights it was meant to.

    I really wish I to see these guys in a Live gig. I havnt been to good rock n roll concert, all i hear now is the some guy trying to sing in death metal style (in which he fails misearbly) or some wannabe nu metal stuff (something like Linkin Park or similar crap).

    I wish I was born in an era so that i could have enjoyed ColourBlind and other Rock n Roll band when they were in their full swing.


  6. October 18, 2009, 3:47 pm ahmad calú

    for me is the best rock band in india,and have category to fight with any rock band of the world.they playing all kind of rock in this album”colourblind”.1998, i’m wayting new realese for 10years,so please i want listen new songs from colourblind.,

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