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Zero: Wish

By Vineet Kanabar | April 17, 2008

Split Magazine: Zero“Wish” — probably the most intense Zero song, after “Mariachi” — is one of three songs by the great men from Dadar (West), Bombay, that you can justifiably head bang to (the other two being “Mariachi” and “Hate In E-Minor”). And how!

The opening guitar riff, with the harmonics and all, sets the mood perfectly for the song that talks about a personal hell, rendered with some awesome feel by Rajeev Talwar. Inch-perfect vocal harmonies are some thing that most of us expect from a Zero song now, and this one definitely isn’t a let-down. For a song that was apparently recorded in a flash, the production values aren’t too shabby either. The solo is as metal as Zero have ever been — but that keeps with the emotion of the track, and nowhere does Warren Mendonsa become the show-off guitar hero that has been the undoing of many a great song.

The only setback for us fans are the programmed drums. Sid Coutto is undoubtedly one of the most gifted drummers in the scene, and, as is evident from the variety of stuff that Zero have done, he is pretty sound with the drum machines too — but I’d have preferred him to play live on this track.

It is a sad thing for a music lover to find that one of the gems by one of the greatest bands in India belongs to no album (apart from the ‘Great Indian Rock 8′ compilation), and is probably one of the rarest Indian rock songs to find. But then, great things always need some digging up, and “Wish” is right up there.

You can listen to and download “Wish” at this location.


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  1. November 15, 2008, 12:09 pm Rohan

    Please can u upload the songs of zero so v can dwnload it

  2. November 23, 2009, 6:16 pm Mihir Modi

    I agree, it’s one of the best Zero songs. A very well written review! :)

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