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Junkyard Groove: It’s OK

By Vineet Kanabar | May 23, 2008

Split Magazine: Junkyard GrooveJunkyard Groove — the southern fun-rock quartet — has been taking the scene by storm for the last few years, and spearheading their happy rock juggernaut is what I think is the anthem of the new era of Indian rock music — “It’s OK”.

The song starts off with an instantly uplifting rhythm that is at once danceable and mildly head bang-able. True to their name, guitarist Sidharth’s electric drive over Ameeth’s rhythm and vocals follow bassist Craig and drummer Jeremiah’s infectious sections around, making this a dangerously groovy, addictive song.

Sidharth has an understated guitar playing style that is perfect for the kind of music that these guys make. Ameeth sings in his trademark style and brings instant feel to a song that is full of it anyway. Singing about how a girl falls in love with a guy who really only wants to use her, Ameeth tells you that “It’s OK” as if he really means it, and makes you believe it too. The guitar solo on the song is refreshingly well done.

These guys changed the song a little from the original version intended for the album, and though it seems a little strange to start with, it hardly takes any time to get used to the altered version.

After winning the Shamaal rock competition in Dubai, and then having firmly installed themselves as part of the premier breed of bands across the country, Junkyard Groove’s style comes across as fresh, and one that has a lot of feel behind it. Their debut album ’11:11′ will be released on Creative Kingdom Records in 2008.


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