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Three Guys and a Girl: Bonkan Bot

By Vineet Kanabar | May 23, 2008

Split Magazine: Three Guys and a GirlShazneen Arethna joins forces with Zero heroes Warren Mendonsa and Sid Coutto and Helga’s Fun Castle bassist Johann Pais to form our very own Indian super-group, aptly titled Three Guys and a Girl.

The song starts off with a funky, metallic feel, like something you’d expect from Nuno Bettencourt. The bass and drum section sound fantastically in sync, and there’s a bass solo to boot as well. Warren Mendonsa, once again, is at his best, not just being the guitar virtuoso that he is, but with the production as well. The layering adds that little bit more to the track.

What takes the cake throughout the song and makes this one so special is the vocals. Arethna takes her voice to unimaginable places, sounding sexy without being overbearing, and the overall effect seems just right. The chorus is just two words, ‘Bonkan Bot!’, and you can only surmise as to what that can allude to.

Coming to the guitar solo, this is where I realised how similar the styles of Warren Mendonsa and Slash are. The rock ‘n’ roll feel sets in as soon as we get into Johann Pais’ bass solo, which seamlessly blends into Warren’s part and gives the song a sense of completion.

“Bonkan Bot” is featured on the ‘Great Indian Rock VIII’ compilation along with another Zero gem, “Wish“.


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  1. May 26, 2008, 12:02 pm Vishal

    Amazing vocals by Shazneen…really powerful stuff. And love the interplay between Warren & Johann. Would love to watch them play live.

  2. May 26, 2008, 3:05 pm Aloysius

    Bonkan Bot is a lovely track but only a goan will ever know what ‘Bonkan Bot’ means hahahhahahhahahah

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