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Indus Creed: Trapped

By Vishal Gandhi | July 27, 2008

Split Magazine: Indus CreedIn the annals of Indian rock, Rock Machine/Indus Creed occupy premier position. They are the band even your Himesh Reshammiya-loving uncle reminisces of watching in his college days. Given the underground nature of rock music in India, there are only a handful of songs that can be called classics. “Trapped” by Indus Creed is one such song.

The lead-off track from the band’s third and final album (or their first album after renaming themselves as Indus Creed, whichever way you want to look at it), “Trapped” immediately grabs your attention. The song comes across as something written late at night, with the acoustic guitars and bongo drums (doesn’t quite sound like a tabla) making it a perfect song to play by a campfire. While the lyrics are quite dark, the song itself is quite rousing, the chorus soaring especially. The intricate production details like the xylophone appearing in the second verse, give the song a rich feel. The electric guitars kick in later, ending the song with a full-blooded, hard rocking jam.

The video for “Trapped” got a fair amount of airplay on MTV India when it made it’s entry in the ’90s and it was the band’s second hit after “Pretty Child”.

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