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The Superfuzz: Four Times and Once After

By Siddharth Ravichandran | July 27, 2008

Split Magazine: The SuperfuzzThe Superfuzz is undoubtedly one of India’s biggest campus rock acts, having now moved into the Indian rock mainstream after their recent Channel [V] Launchpad victory. The trio of Nikhil (bass), Sanchal (vocal and guitars) and Aditya (drums) have toured the country’s various cities (along with the college circuit) extensively and made quite a name for themselves.

A raw, slappy bass intro sets the pace for their most popular song “Four Times and Once After”, and the chugging riff that follows is sure to get most people moving along to it. Once the vocals break in, the song transforms into a fast, loud shoutfest with heavy riffage, while the monstrous bass pounds on mercilessly beneath. An ironic spoken interlude follows — “My love for you may be a regretful state of mind / But lightning never strikes in the same place two times”. These lyrics, now well known among fans, reflect the theme of the song — an unsatisfying love life from a first-person perspective. The lyrics might not be the most thought-provoking, but Sanchal’s rants suit the song really well as it then morphs into a slower, groovier ’80s style rhythm.

Superfuzz songs are usually full of catchy little lead guitar parts, but the vocals are what make this band stand out from the rest, as Sanchal manages to switch effortlessly from shouting to singing, giving the band a distinct punk feel. Comparisons with Jack White are inevitable.

“Four Times and Once After” defies the conventional intro-riff-verse-solo-verse structure and does it well. The drumming is consistent and maintains the pace of the song well. Their music is easy to groove to, and that’s probably its biggest plus point.

Listen to “Four Times and Once After” and other songs by the Superfuzz here.


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  1. July 30, 2008, 1:27 am Vineet

    This song puts the fuzz in The Superfuzz. Currently my ringtone too! =)

    Pretty review man.

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