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Teddy Boy Kill: Subterra

By Vishal Gandhi | August 20, 2008

Split Magazine: Teddy Boy KillTeddy Boy Kill is an electronica duo from New Delhi comprising Toymob (Ashhar Farooqui) on vocals and guitar and AudioPervert (Samrat B) providing the blips and bloops and manipulating the beats. It certainly is a pleasure to find an Indian electronica act with no “fusion” trappings, and nothing describes Teddy Boy Kill better than the concluding line on their MySpace profile — ‘NOT ANOTHER CHILLOUT ASIAN “FOOFOO” MUZAK BAND* NO SITAR & TABLABEAT FLOOD IN HERE’.

Coming from the world of trip hop, electro-dub and downbeat within the electronica genre, “Subterra” is a trippy song from the duo’s upcoming album, ‘The Exit Plan’. The song employs a sample of that hard-to-describe squealing sound from Radiohead’s “Subterranean Homesick Alien”, which, besides being a nod to the familiar, thankfully doesn’t override the song.

Thematically, it very much shares a certain creepiness that is present on “Subterranean Homesick Alien”, as if something somewhere has gone horribly wrong. Toymob’s vocals and lyrics do justice to that detached eerie feeling, structured with layers of finely pruned soundscapes by AudioPervert. If there is a quibble, it is only that the song stretches for a good two minutes too long without really going anywhere.

You can listen to “Subterra” and other Teddy Boy Kill songs at this location.


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