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Skinny Alley: Songs From the Moony Boom

By Ayush Khaitan | August 29, 2008

Split Magazine: Skinny AlleyAfter ‘Escape the Roar’, Skinny Alley has come out with yet another brilliant album. Their second offering, “Songs From The Moony Boom” is completely different from the first album — being more experimental and mellow in nature, it’s a different class of music altogether. The unique element in the album is that all the songs were recorded live, which gives the album a potent raw feel.

From the very first song, listeners can make out that this is not the average rock album one listens to. It is definitely a new and daring venture on the part of Skinny Alley — and a successful one at that.

The rhythm section is particularly outstanding throughout the album, though Jayashree Singh’s vocals tend to take over soon enough, especially in songs like “Child Bride” and “Hard To Forgive”. Fans have come to expect a lot from Jayashree, and she surpasses all expectations on this album. And just when you feel that the songs don’t do justice to Amyt Dutta’s considerable talents with the guitar, the songs “Who Are You” and “Shape Your Life” change your mind. Although not quite easy listening for the new listener, the songs portray interesting and admirable guitar and keyboard parts.

On the negative side, though it has its moments, after a few listens the album feels quite monotonous. Barring a few songs like “Who Are You”, the entire album seems to be variations of the same song.

If you’re looking for your run-of-the-mill hard rock album, kindly stay away from ‘Songs From the Moony Boom’. However, if you’re a real admirer of quality music, harmony and overall musical flair, this album is surely one you don’t want to pass up.


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  1. August 29, 2008, 6:33 am Crimson King

    Nice review Ayush. But I diasgree with you here. I enjoyed the album. Especially, the first few songs.

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