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Cassini’s Division: Cut to the Chase

By Kabya Ghosh | November 5, 2008

We caught up with Rahul Guha Roy and John Bose from Cassini’s Division, one of Calcutta’s more popular bands, for an exclusive interview about the band’s upcoming album, their music and future plans. Here are excerpts from the interview.

Split Magazine: Cassini's DivisionWhat have you guys been up to of late?

We have been playing, writing new material. I guess that more or less sums it up. It’s a never-ending procedure. Recently, we have been to Singapore to be a part of an event that promotes musical talent in the regions of east, south, and southeast Asia.

What about the upcoming album? We have been hearing about it for some time now.

We have a couple of record label deals in hand, however, we would like to take some time to decide and go for the best deal that would benefit the album. This dilemma has been responsible for the delayed album release.

Can you tell us more about the album? What are the songs on the album about?

Some of the songs that we intend to have on the album include “Story of My Life”, “Cut to the Chase”, “Poppin’ It” and others that we have been playing for a while in most of our live gigs.

Is there any particular theme that the band had in mind while writing the new album?

Not quite, as there’s no so called concept behind the album. Its creative unity remains music.

When can fans expect to get their hands on the new album?

We intend to release it at the earliest. However, as mentioned before, we would like to see which record label provides us with the best exposure and also the finest production values. I would like to mention that we have been disappointing the fans for a couple of years, not because we intended the same, but we are stuck with choices.

A certain percentage of people actually have opened up to an English rock act in India playing originals. But the local scenario still lacks anything tremendously original.

Why the title ‘Ringside View’? What’s the core philosophy?

The core philosophy behind the name is basically looking at life from the outside as an audience member. The Roman amphitheater would serve as a perfect example to this title as it’s also a metaphor for entertainment.

What about gigs to promote the album, especially in Calcutta and elsewhere in the country?

We have been away for a while from the local scene and we have by now played in every possible venue in Calcutta. Talks are happening with one of the major event management company in India in order to do more gigs on a national circuit. The band has been there for the last eight years now and currently we would like to play more gigs in other places in India.

Any new concepts that you guys plan to introduce in your gigs both in Calcutta as well as on the national circuit?

Cassini’s Division have been through three phases, roughly speaking, starting off with the post-grunge period, drawing influences from newer genres like modern rock and nu-metal. As we moved on, the listening tastes of each band member became eclectic and the originals included other influences like hip-hop. Currently, the band is drawn towards electronica. We would, however, like to mention that we don’t incorporate electronica influences like samples; it’s played organically by the band mates. The core and primary influence however remains post-grunge. We would just like to mention that we don’t restrict our influences and they can be anything.

Do you think the local scenario has changed its point of view regarding an English rock act playing their originals exclusively?

Well, yes and no both. Yes, because a certain percentage of people actually have opened up to an English rock act in India playing originals. No, because the local scenario still lacks anything tremendously original. Basing your sound on another band that’s already there is one thing, however, trying to come up with a completely new genre is yet another ball game.

What are a few Indian rock acts that you guys like?

We like bands like Pentagram, Medusa, Indigo Children (formerly the Superfuzz) and Demonic Resurrection. Special mention must to be made for the Great society which to us remains the greatest English rock band to have emerged out of our country. The entire idea of Cassini’s Division writing original compositions in the Queen’s language comes almost single-handedly from Great Society.

Anything you like to say to a newer breed of people who have just discovered your music?

We would simply like to state that they should enjoy music and also be open-minded to all genres. Music is both entertaining as well as educational. Lastly, we would like to thank all the people for being there at the gigs and enjoying our music.


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  1. November 11, 2008, 2:39 pm nadia af

    great interview kb! keep it up.xox

  2. April 4, 2009, 10:41 am bon

    Heard these guys Playin in kolkata,me n my frnz went for a drink, lately we came to know there’s a band playin waited for them love the music played n iam sure these guys will do well in the contest.

  3. June 15, 2009, 12:14 am Debarun Sarkar

    I find this band rather overrated

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