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Lounge Piranha: Going Nowhere

By Vishal Gandhi | December 30, 2008

Split Magazine: Lounge PiranhaThere is much to recommend about Bangalore’s alternative outfit Lounge Piranha — from their angst-free sound, with songs that are trilled in a tidy and modular fashion, to their arty and engaging live shows performed with striking visual backdrops, and fan-friendly demeanour. It’s hard to find fault and that’s probably why they are gaining in popularity. They might also be the only band from India to have a graphic band bio on their website.

On their debut album ‘Going Nowhere’, ably supported by a seven-city tour, Lounge Piranha keeps it concise at just over 30 minutes. The seven tracks follow a similar pattern of light arrangements that gently build up till the vocals kick in and make for easy listening. Kamal Singh and Abhijeet Tambe on guitars and vocals stick to what they know, instead of wasting time on overly complicated guitar experiments.

Using tone and textures and easy-on-the-ear guitar licks, title track starts things off promisingly, followed by a forceful if slightly downcast “Gun Song”, the lyrics of which convey a sense of hopelessness. “Snakes and Lotuses” is deeply engaging indie rock with tight rhythms and power-pop hooks that pull you in on each listen. “Ebb” and “Eclat” are surefire fan favourites, with their light and peppy melodies and jaunty choruses that make up all that is good about this album.

The darkly pulsating “Teenage Curse” has got more intent and punch than the rest of the album, and holds back just enough to not deviate from form, tapping that Slint soft-loud dynamic well. “Handhole” has a soothing and somewhat hazy feedback-filled groove, closing out the album — one that is promising, if not spectacular.

Lounge Piranha have found a comfortable sound, with minor excursions into shoegaze and indie pop, that’s pleasing as long as you’re not looking for too many surprises and experiments.


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  1. December 30, 2008, 3:52 pm pervez

    Oh! And this is just the tip-of-the-iceberg.
    Watch out for the next big thaw…

  2. January 8, 2009, 2:11 am darrell

    Finally, some who knows his stuff. Sweet and simple review, yet reveals loads. Kudos

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