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Thermal And A Quarter: One Small Love

By Ramya Sriram | March 7, 2009

Split Magazine: Thermal And A QuarterWhile the world burns in all its madness, Thermal And A Quarter have come up with an uplifting antidote of a song called “One Small Love”. The band is known for taking their stand on various social issues; this new single is a quiet but powerful protest song provoked by the recent outbreak of violence in Bangalore.

The song talks of small but significant contributions to change that one can make through simple ways. The opening verse “One small riff / One small word / One small man / One small space / Can be everything / In a tired, tired world” carries the message shining through in all its clarity. The lyrics are beautifully written and well sung, and one can find the characteristic TAAQ wryness in some lines (“I’m such a big man / Take a look at my shadow”). There is slight despair reflected in the lines “We made a big splash / But then the well’s run dry”, but gives into hope at the end.

The overall feel of the song is pleasant, and the song is one that will definitely stick on your playlists for while. It flows easily and the guitars are peaceful with a nice acoustic solo thrown in. Harmony comes in as an unexpected treat in some parts.

The song drives home the fact that a little love can go a long way. A much needed reminder, for the times we live in.

Download: You can download “One Small Love” for free at this location.



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