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Junkyard Groove: Nicer in a Minute

By Vineet Kanabar | April 3, 2009

Split Magazine: Junkyard GrooveAs people wait, and wait, and wait for top bands in India to finally release an album, the general tendency for said bands is to lose touch with their fans. Here’s where Junkyard Groove prove to you why they’re different. Taking a leaf out of the Radiohead book, the quartet from down south have kept up their ‘yennaday’ quotient and released a five-song EP, ‘Nicer in a Minute’. Well, it’s not really an EP, but a mini-album of sorts, while poor folk like us bite and chew our nails off waiting for ’11:11′ to see the light of day.

The mini-album kicks off with “Let You Go”, a catchy-as-hell riff opening it up a la Frusciante on “Tell Me Baby”. The one thing about Junkyard Groove’s music that sets them apart from the moment you begin listening to them is that their music has feeling. It grows, it feels, it moves and if you let it run riot, only God and Ameeth Thomas know what the band’s music is capable of.

“Save Me” is another of those singalong tracks that’s a must in a Junkyard Groove set list. This song too, grows on you, and is probably the only one that you might not like right away, but with a chorus like that, it’s really hard not to.

“Please Don’t Wake Me Up” is a song that has Ameeth showing off with the vocals, with a fitting guitar solo at the end. Reminds me of the happy times when Warren and Zero were around.

“Thank You” is the pick of the lot, and is a lot more jangly, a lot more riffy (in a good way) than the normal Junkyard Groove stuff. The saddest bit about this song is that it lasts only for 2:41. Check out the bridge and the solo/outro bit at the end, and if it doesn’t open up a major can of whoop-ass on you, music isn’t for you, my friend.

“Say Goodbye” is a slow-paced, melancholy track, something that suits the part-funk, part-southern-rock sound that Junkyard Groove go for. The lyrics are brilliant, and the harmony works wonders. If your girl’s about to leave you for the rich dick with the fancy car, your last shot at winning her back might just be a guitar, and a rendition of this track.

Here’s the thing with JYG: they’ve got it all down. Ocean-sized rock songs, a magical guitarist, a tight rhythm section, and a vocalist who can do it all, to boot. And with their success in the scene, they stand on the doorstep of international fame. It’s up to them to release ’11:11′ before 2011, and hand out a good ol’ “folk you” to all the doubters.


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  1. April 4, 2009, 2:05 am Santosh

    Uhem , cough cough !!!! where were you ? beacuse JYG released 11:11 on 29th of March in Mumbai … Ofcourse its the ‘bootleg’ :P version … also JYG isn’t a quartet anymore, Jerry quit … BTW Nicer in a minute has a album cover … you should get it from their website ( will boost this review :P )

  2. April 4, 2009, 1:22 pm Vineet

    Hey Santosh.
    Thanks for the update, but we already wrote this review before the album was to be released.
    Thanks again, and watch out for the album review at Split, soon!

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