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7 Spokes: Through the Looking Glass

By Vishal Gandhi | April 23, 2009

Split Magazine: 7 Spokes7 Spokes is a four-piece hard rock band from the shady confines of the IIT Bombay campus. Slowly winning over crowds at the college rock fests and competitions, the band is gearing up for an EP release later this month. Their original song “Through the Looking Glass”, streaming on the band’s MySpace page, kicks off with tom-tom drum syncopations and guitars trudging in a post-grunge murk.

Grappling with existential mutterings made all the more jarring by Niranjan Sridhar’s affected vocals, the quartet work up quite a charge. The gear-switching of tempos from post-grunge to alternative rock and then to sludgy metal, a little more than halfway into the song, is performed without hiccups even if the transitions are not altogether smooth. The vocalist in particular finds it hard to match up his “metchul” vocals to the surge of the blistering guitar solo in the mix.

“Through the Looking Glass” has got enough bark to it, what with the shifting tempos, and isn’t nearly as overwrought and jaded as post-grunge can be.

Listen to “Through the Looking Glass” at this location.


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  1. April 26, 2009, 11:45 am ajay

    they are really fantastic!
    they performed at our college fest it was amazing to c them performing live…u rock guys

  2. August 28, 2009, 12:27 pm Aby

    Amazing band, saw them yesterday at Aura in Powai, Mumbai… Surprised but awesome :) Keep on rocking in the free world !!

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