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21st Rebel Street: Dancing with the Devil

By Neeharika Palaka | July 4, 2009

Split Magazine: Stupid Ditties 221st Rebel Street is a self-proclaimed un-metal band from the heart of Chandigarh’s rock scene, but with a unique sound and an exquisite quality that is remarkably international. The boys — Abel (vocals, rhythm), Kanishk (guitar), Sid (bass), Navdeep (drums) and GD (sounds) — have been wowing audiences for a little over three years now, and, going by their formidable talent, seem to promise quite a few impressive years ahead.

“Dancing with the Devil”, a smashing tune that you can seriously rock out to or lightheartedly dance to with the same ease, starts off with tastefully wailing guitars and fast-paced drums. Before you realise its transition into a fuzzy-around-the-edges cousin of Presley’s “Jailhouse Rock”, the song enters the enormously catchy and fun chorus. Later in the song, chugging guitars give way to a short, classy solo before leading up to the chorus once again, and this time, you’re sure to be singing along.

The driving, precise drums and Abel’s superb voice are really the key parts of this gem of a tune. This song speaks of the effects of getting high, and how you want the good stuff to keep coming (“Flyin’ so high while I’m lying on the floor / Have too much but I still want more”), and the chorus talks of angels, redemption, and, of course, dancing with the euphemistic “devil”. Lyrically, the song is entertaining and witty.

The song was, not surprisingly, selected for the Indian un-metal compilation ‘Stupid Ditties 2′ (the band members insist that they’re so un-metal that they’ve “rendered metal bands anaemic”). “Dancing with the Devil” has the punch, pace and personality required of a certified hit. Here’s hoping that 21st Rebel Street come out with an album soon, because I (and anyone who listens to this song even once) cannot wait.


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