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Indigo Children: That Former Fuzzy Feeling

By Deepali Gupta | August 18, 2009

Split Magazine: Indigo ChildrenThey could be the chosen ones, as their name and their massively established yet ever growing fan base would have you believe, or they could very simply be one of the best bands to come out of Delhi in the past few years. But then again, the one thing you can say about Indigo Children (formerly The Superfuzz) is that they are here to stay. As one of their devoted loyalists rightly puts it, “Indigo will make history one day. I feel it.”

We caught up with bassist Nikhil Rufus Raj for a quick conversation.

The obvious first question would be about the band name: fancy ourselves as the ‘Indigo Children’ of the indie music scene, do we?

Well, we as a band consider ourselves to be the spokesperson for all indigo children. You see, we aren’t the only gifted bunch around.

Hippie punk-pop rock: would you care to define your sound? How does it figure in the larger contemporary music landscape?

Our sound is an amalgamation of rock with pop vocal melodies with our very own personal indulgences of psychedelia. I think we are the only band doing this kind of music right now in the country.

I think we are happy people and that is why we make happy music.

Channel [V] Launch Pad, the British Council’s SoundPad and now Sutasi. How has the experience of being a part of these shows defined you guys, especially so early on in your careers?

All these experiences have made us a tighter band, I feel. We have been making and playing music together for a long time now and all these things just add up to our collective ‘musicianship’ as a band.

By name, lyrics, and design, your songs suggest a happier predisposition than most band compositions out there. Is that a conscious effort?

The songs are about what and how we feel. I think we are happy people and that is why we make happy music — at least that would be my guess. But not that there’s a conscious effort.

The debut album has been in the pipelines for some time now. Updates please?

We are writing some more fresh material, so as of now, things are still in the pipeline.

What are the bands or musicians that inspire you (and maybe some who make you perspire)?

Bands that inspire and make us perspire are the greats such as Led Zeppelin, Tool, and The Mars Volta.

Best city for discerning listeners and gig-heads according to you: your hometown Delhi, the suburban jungle Mumbai, rock central Bangalore or any other?

Delhi all the way; and in my opinion, Bangalore is in no way rock central!


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  1. August 19, 2009, 9:28 am Uday Dutt

    Boring interview :(

  2. August 26, 2009, 10:32 am the freak

    delhi \m/

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