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Creed: Full Circle

By Vineet Kanabar | November 4, 2009

Split Magazine: CreedIf the sole purpose of your reading this review is to find out how bad Creed are on their new album, trust me, you are going to be sorely disappointed.

The Florida rockers are back with ‘Full Circle’, and the band seems to have come full circle from their experiments in proving themselves to be remnants of an era gone by. Scott Stapp returns to Creed and gets them doing what they know best. Suggesting a deeply personal travelogue for the band, the album title ‘Full Circle’ announces a return to the scene for a band that, quite frankly, no one was looking forward to. But Creed, along with their tour for the album, seem to have hit some sort of purple groove with this album.

Scott Stapp, Mark Tremonti and their crew of immensely talented musicians put together a rock music fan’s delight of an album. Mark Tremonti takes centre stage this time around with his solos, something that was sorely missing from most of Creed’s earlier music. With his work in Alter Bridge standing testimonial to his genius, Tremonti roams free on this record, producing some brilliant work on “Overcome”.

The band still hasn’t shed all it’s passé rock and roll swagger, though, and this comes across in some of the blandest song titles ever — “Rain”, “Time”, “Fear” and “Suddenly”. Tremonti provides some relief here as well, with some exceptional and heavy work.

The band does have a mellow side, but I’m not sure how well it works for them. I’ve always found the Creed of “What If” much more fun to listen to than the one that gave us “One Last Breath”.

Scott Stapp, the man who (unsuccessfully) went solo, appeared on a sex tape with Kid Rock and faced battery and assault charges from his wife. But the little terrier doesn’t roll over and die on this album, no sirree. Stapp has lost some of the edge in his voice, but he still gives it the ol’ one-two, and with the kind of lyrics this guy can write, if he was any more Eddie Vedder than Scott Stapp, we’d probably be saluting him as the leader of this revolution. If you really grew up listening to Creed, it’s going to be hard to give this album a miss just because it isn’t cool to listen to Creed anymore.


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  1. December 12, 2009, 2:57 pm Bhanuj


    Hahahaha, i didn’t even know this album came out. Despite your misguided enthusiasm, it’s not that Creed is uncool now, it’s the fact that Creed were nothing but watered down, manufactured post-grunge, jumping onto the alternative bandwagon cuz that’s what made monies at the time. And Scott Stapp is nothing but an overinflated and untalented eddie vedder clone. As for his lyrics, are you completely oblivious or just dumb? Safe emo christian rock for the innocent disenfranchised mama’s boys. If anything, Scott Stapp was in the lead of the counter-revolution, making rock and roll safe and pg 13 again. Sheep in Wolf’s clothing is what they were. I’d still have given the album a listen, but when you consider Alter Bridge a testament to genius, i remembered that pigs can’t fly, Islam isn’t really a peaceful religion and that Creed couldn’t write a good song to save their lives.

  2. January 13, 2010, 9:20 am Lakshman

    I personally thought the album was utter trash. Yes, stapp sounds the same and as i read somewhere, ‘as good as ever’, just go check out a few live videos from this year itself to see how much this man can actually ‘sing’. If he’s a testament to anything, its recording and production technology, that makes him sound good in the studio.
    the songs are a bad attempt to not sound ‘creed-like’, bad idea – “bread of shame” tells you exactly why. Lyrical content makes me wonder if stapp got his toddler son to write them. He really tried hard to come up with ‘old-school creed’ lyrics and really had a tough time with them so he just repeats key phrases of the songs over and over (and over and over and over….). Tremonti’s tones are so muddy and undone, with the solos getting lost in the rhythm sections when he phrases around the top 3 strings, which is sad because “Blackbird” is a BRILLIANT album….then again Im comparing Creed to Alter Bridge, hah.
    sadly, people seem to be loving the album which means there will be more of this trash in the future. What really blows is that Alter Bridge will get sidelined in all of this and suffer, which is a tragedy because Alter Bridge is one of the few contemporary rock bands (and before i get flamed- no, im not including metal acts when i say this) who actually make real music.

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