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Them Clones: Love. Hate. Heroes

By Vineet Kanabar | December 25, 2009

Split Magazine: Them ClonesWhen they said good things come in small packages, they certainly weren’t talking about ‘Love. Hate. Heroes’, the new Them Clones album. The equivalent of a weighty tome that the album is, it comes with a blank CD-R, so you can copy and distribute the music amongst your friends — and you should!

Right from the offset, with “..”, the mood is set for some mind blowing music. A short intro to the album, “..” is followed by the popular track, “The Bomb Song”. Now, we’ve heard versions of this one — live, demo, and studio — but with the superior production values on this album, the song ascends to a whole new level.

“Downer” is more of the same guitar riffage that makes the Clones the perfect Indian answer to Rage Against The Machine, with “Follow the Prophet” and “Spunk” only underlining it further. Prithwish Dev’s vocals are perfect, as we have become accustomed to, and the beauty of “Colours” brings this out pretty well. The guitar solo is sweet as honey and is a treat to new listeners and hardcore Them Clones fans alike.

“Awaken”, with its arpeggio sequence, followed by “Horizon” are pretty songs, with some great lyrics. The Clones break out of the Indian rock scene’s dogmatic lyrical wedding to the mundane, and come up with some great verses.

“My Life” and “Sindrome” bring up the rear, leading us up to the grand finale of the album: a stunning rendition of “Zephyretta” that makes you fall in love and feel pain at the same time, with the band coming together on the track like pieces in a puzzle. A bonus track, “Ignite and Walk Away” is available on the Them Clones web site and is worth taking the effort to click around for a listen.

Them Clones have been around for a while now, and are one of the most popular bands in the scene today. The album, released in October 2009, was announced sometime in 2005, and it is certainly worth the long wait. The arrangements are breathtakingly perfect and the music is engaging, and what you’re all familiar with.

Baz Luhrmann asked you to buy sunscreen for protection in the future. I believe you should, for musical nirvana, go out and buy ‘Love. Hate. Heroes’. At Rs 195, it’s better than what Art of Living is offering, anyway.


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  1. December 28, 2009, 4:37 am dPsychc

    That’s the most disgusting cover i’ve seen in a long time.
    And what’s with the parental advisory tag? It’s India for god’s sake. Jackasses.

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